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What Does It Take To Be Both Powerful And Feminine?

Since the 1960's women have been expected to work and succeed in a business world built on outdated masculine paradigms.

...We proved that we could compete and fight and win and hang out with the boys!

The Truth?

When I left college and entered the workforce,  my perception of anything feminine was that it was weak, dependent, powerless, subservient...lesser than...

I hate to admit that.

I found myself in a corporate world built on competition, aggressive positioning, goal orientation, very long working hours and pretty much selling myself to the company.

And, if you are anything like me...

I loved being super successful, highly paid, and seen as a leader in my profession.

I was very good at my job and loved earning great money for doing it.

Do You Relate?

...but I found myself asking

Is this how you want to...

  • Live your life?
  • Do Work?
  • Do relationships?
  • Be as a person?
  • Find my purpose?

When I reached 40 I was royally burnt out and wondering how it happened.

But I had this nagging thought inside me: "there has to be another way."

What for?

I kept asking myself if that was how I wanted to live my life and work anymore.

This is why I created the Powerfully Feminine Intensive.

It is a result of all of the mistakes and discoveries that I made and the distillation of 20 years of esoteric study, research and personal experience.

Essentially The Powerfully Feminine Intensive shows successful women how to become feminine again and discover their true, unique, authentic feminine power that is buried inside them.

...that operating from man-mode is not the way forward, nor the way to live a profoundly happy, joyful and successful life.

I was determined that other women didn't need to go down the road of exhaustion and burn out in order to experience their power and success in the world.

In short, I discovered the "other way" to do it and the Powerfully Feminine Intensive is the result.

This Is For You If You Are...

  • A Busy Professional Woman
  • Exhausted And Burnt Out
  • Juggling Too Many Things
  • Successful But Unfulfilled
  • Want To Be More Feminine...But Just Don't Know How
  • Wanting To Be Feminine In Relationships
  • Wanting To Thrive
  • Desire To Find Your Purpose


MODULE #1 - Art Of Polarity

In this module you will learn what feminine and masculine really means including the difference between what I call TRUE feminine and FALSE feminine.

When we understand how masculine/feminine polarity works inside of ourselves and master it, we can then apply it in dynamics in our life such as in relationships and business communication.

MODULE #2 - Art Of Power

Our power is derived from the inside out.  Here you will learn two main things:


2...The Ancient Art Of Jade Egg Practices

Whether you have heard of this, or never done it before, well you're in for a treat as I have some unusual twists on the methods that will make your feel wet, strong, powerful and juicy in a way that you never thought possible!

This is just short list of what some of my students have experienced during the Jade Egg training:

- Greater wetness in their vagina
- Stopping vaginal prolapse
- Ceasing urinary incontinence
- Increased sensitivity in the vagina
- Orgasms to those that hadn't had them before
- Better and deeper orgasms to those who have!
- Release of shame and discomfort
- Feeling more grounded
- Greater sense of intuition
- Feeling more sensual and sexual
- Greater sense of self worth
- Feeling more powerful and feminine

MODULE #3 - Art Of Desire

Here you will learn all about the 3 parts that you need to know about Desire:

1. The Desire Spectrum: this runs FROM "I don't know what I want" at one end to pleasure and sensuality, desires for your life, relationships and work in the middle, to a whole level of unconscious, unseen desires.
2. Desire Digging: is about "mining for what you want"; owning it, then communicating it. Here you will learn to identify if a desire is actually your own or whether it is conditioned on you. Whether it be a desire for a career change, a great relationship or meeting unmet sexual needs.
3. Desire Setting: vs Goal setting. Desire setting is to the feminine what goal setting is to the masculine. Desire setting will show you how to create the conditions for success in your body so that you CAN actually receive what you want and attain your goals.

MODULE #4 - Art Of Receptivity

Well after you have identified what you really desire then the next step is to receive them...right?
In this module You'll learn how to communicate what you want simply and clearly AND you'll learn how to gracefully and powerfully receive them.

MODULE #5 - Art Of Pleasure

Here you will learn how to own and step into your Queen by stepping into your pleasure zone. You will learn how to Love your beautiful body, face, breasts and pussy.

BONUS MODULE - Feminine Foundations

In this module we look into your new box of arts and skills that you have learned in the 5 core feminine arts modules and then we cover some additional foundational concepts behind Feminine Power.

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Candice Oneida

Hi!  I'm Candice Oneida.  I am the Founder of Feminine Success llc and the Powerfully Feminine Intensive.

My background in corporate Australia for 13 years and then starting up five successful companies with up to $1 million in annual earnings, led me to the realization that feminine principles were sadly lacking in the business world.

With 20 years of deep training in Tantra, Kriya Yoga and Western Esotericism under my belt, I seek to bring a wealth and depth of training and personal experience to my training programs.

What Women Are Sayin'...



Working with Candice has changed my life. I say this with no exaggeration.

When we first started working together, I felt closed-off. I wore so much warrior’s armor that emotionally, I felt almost nothing. Physically, I felt disconnected from my body, like a floating head.

Now, I feel profoundly grounded in a way I have never experienced before. I feel embodied, and remember what happiness, contentment and joy feel like. I am much more aware of myself and of the world from an internal perspective.

I have learned how to breathe out, make space, take breaks, feel peace, nurture relationships, and be softer and more alive in my engagement with the world.

Being feminine does not make one weak, useless or dominatable.

Instead, it makes one human and it makes life gentle, juicy, joyful and beautiful. I finally feel alive.

Sarah Hale Sarah Hale
Commercial Strategy & Structuring for a global software company



Candice is incredibly sharp, her work is excellent and her comprehensive program produced real results.

Overall it gave me a new, broader framework to live from, allowing me to operate from a place of joy vs. frustration. I gained a much deeper understanding of my own feminine power – how to access it, where I had lost it and how to regain it and let it flourish.

Candice cut to the chase to give me what I needed the most to breakthrough my own resistance and limitations to my feminine power.

So, if you don’t want real change, go elsewhere!

Jennifer Pennell Jennifer Pennell
Wild Woman Coach

I Want To Give You More Goodies!

In addition to the Powerfully Feminine Virtual training and online program, you already get bi-monthly group Q + A calls with Candice where you get to ask any questions about feminine power, you get to share your experiences with the community via the Facebook Private Group.

What I've found is that the greatest transformation happens for my women when I get them together in a room and we cover the Powerfully Feminine Intensive well!

So, although the Powerfully Feminine LIVE Intensive is valued at $3000:

I'm going to GIFT you 2 full tickets to attend in person!

The second ticket is for you to pay forward to any woman who you want to thank, to share this powerful work with, to gift to your own mother, daughter, friend or colleague.

It's up to you.

Normal Pricing

Intensive + Bonuses Value ($8300)

  • 24/7 Membership Site Access
  • Bi-monthly Group Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group Support
  • 2 Tickets To Powerfully Fem LIVE
Easy Payments
3 x Payments

Intensive + Bonuses Value ($8300)

  • 24/7 Membership Site Access
  • Bi-monthly Group Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group Support
  • 2 Tickets To Powerfully Fem LIVE

What Women Are Sayin'...



Hi, my name is Amelia. I started to do Candice's work a few weeks ago because I was watching the results of some of my friends....and I'm saying "I want that!"

So, I'm now here at the retreat, and oh my god, the changes that are occurring for me, I never imagined! There are parts of me that have been unconscious and buried so deep that are now awake!

I encourage any woman who wants to awaken her true feminine to take the Powerfully Feminine Intensive.

It is amazing the things that you will feel and the openings that you will have. I really encourage you to do this and wish you the best!

Amelia Phillips Amelia Phillips
PhD. cyber security



I’ve been working with Candice for many years and she has helped me through all the big transitions in my life the latest being graduating from acupuncture school to starting my own practice.

Candice helped me get in touch with deep, powerful, and essential parts of myself so that I’ve been able to create and build my practice with relative Ease and Grace.

I’ve come to deeply trust her clarity of insight, be comforted by her gentle holding, and feel courageous from her fierce attitude that seems to say, “You’ve got this.”

Highly, highly recommend her and her programs because, well, I’m getting everything I want.

Corinne Welder Corinne Welder
Accupuncturist and Healer
Normal Pricing

Intensive + Bonuses Value ($8300)

  • 24/7 Membership Site Access
  • Bi-monthly Group Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group Support
  • 2 Tickets To Powerfully Fem LIVE
Easy Payments
3 x Payments

Intensive + Bonuses Value ($8300)

  • 24/7 Membership Site Access
  • Bi-monthly Group Calls
  • Secret Facebook Group Support
  • 2 Tickets To Powerfully Fem LIVE
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