Want To Attract (And Keep) A High-Quality Masculine Man?

Welcome To The Arise In Your Queen-Attract Your King Salon!

  • Learn How To Understand Men.
  • Discover How To Be Seen As High-Value To The Man You Want.
  • Arise In Your Queen And Get Everything You Want.

Arise In Your Queen: Attract Your King Salon

You've Made Everything Else Work In Your Life...

… Except Finding The Man Of Your Dreams.  And, You Want To Know How to Easily and Effortlessly Attract High-Quality Men into Your Life.

Is this for you?


You're a Smart, Successful Woman

You want an easier way to find deep, genuine, and lasting love as a woman while still being incredibly smart, savvy, and successful at the same time.

You Want A Committed Relationship

You want to know how to attract only men who match you and commit and stop wasting time with men who don’t.

You Want A High-Quality Masculine Man

You’ve been unable to find an ideal partner for you, but are fully ready to date only high-quality men.

My students experiences


LILLY ANN found her king within weeks of completing the Salon. A true, masculine King who literally fell into her hands, protects and cares for her, respects her and brings her huge happiness.
KATHRYN completely transformed her marriage, re-structuring her relationship from the ground-up to Arise in her Queen. This made space for her husband to step into his King and reclaiming the magic and joy in their relationship.
SARAH went from a string of non-functioning relationships to finding herself a King who initiated contact, loves looking after her, who has a fantastic mind and heart. She achieved this all without grasping or forcing, just by being her rich feminine self.
MEL was so radiant after the Salon that, shortly after leaving a 16-year marriage, she found herself irresistible to high-quality men. One week three men asked her out – one at work and two randomly at restaurants!
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What My Students Say…

Gerri Couper

Gerri Couper

Mother & Business Owner

Thank you so much Candice for providing the information and context for how to really come out of man-mode and arise in my Queen. I’ve learned how to heal the effects of years of emasculating my husband. I now have so much hope and calm about our relationship, which is so different from how I felt a year ago.
Lilly Ann Pan

Lilly Ann Pan

Art Director at Addendum

I recently started a relationship with a great man. This King patiently waited for me, even though I didn’t recognize him as partner material at first. I came to realize what a big heart he has. I am so happy, I can’t even find words to express myself.
Katherine Cipriani

Katherine Cipriani

Equine Whisperer

Despite my husband’s initial hesitation over the financial commitment, methinks Candice is still one of his favorite people ever.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Candice for every tool you’ve given me to reclaim the magic and joy in my relationship!

Isn't it time to stop searching and start finding?

What you’ll get from the salon…

Learn How Men Think

Realize that YOU are the prize in the dating game, and how to have men LINING UP to spend time with you …

Gain Confidence

You’ll know how to fully embody your feminine energy with pleasure and confidence in a way that high-quality men have a radar for.

Get What You Want

Easily attract the right match for you. Discover what you really want and how to get it with a man.

Stand In Your Power

You’ll understand your feminine energy as both real and PRICELESS to high-quality men and how to fully embody it.

Be Attractive To Men

You’ll know how to attract a man in a way that is effortless and fun … no more chasing, pushing or striving.

Get The Guy!

How to get masculine men to WANT to make you happy.  Men who will wait for you and focus only on you. Men who’ll commit.

Why choose this program?

It works!

The Salon simply works.  You’ll have lifetime access to everything that you’ll need to know how to stand in your feminine power and sit back and watch it start raining high-quality men!

It only takes 90-days

Yep!  In 90 days you’ll have everything that you need to go out there and be the woman who you want to be and attract the man that you want to be with.

Community Support

You’ll have Candice’s and a facebook community support as well as monthly group coaching calls to keep you feeling confident in your new relationship know-how.

Your Queen is in there …and your King is out there

Have some questions?

Will This Program Work For Me?
Our students include women of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, and professions, including:

Corporate Divas

You DO NOT have to stay stuck in the dating desert any longer!

What Exactly Do I Get When I Enroll Today?

When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive membership portal where all your course materials are stored. (Value: $800)

You’ll receive LIFETIME access to the VIP course community, The Arise In Your Queen sisterhood, and you’ll be invited to attend 6 live monthly coaching calls with me. (Total Value: $1200).

You will also get a heap of bonuses, including the “Dating with Dignity” and “Altar to the Beloved” courses (Value: $394) …and so much MORE.

What Happens If I Fall Behind?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can complete the material at your own pace.

Will I Get Access to Candice?

YES. I’m inside the course community, PLUS I offer 6 LIVE group coaching calls to answer any specific questions you may have.

How Much Time Will It Take for Me to See Results?

Each week, you’ll spend between 30 – 60 mins watching videos after which you can practice implementing the material in your life throughout the week.

As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you as it depends on your commitment to the course and bringing the principles to life. This work isn’t just about intellectual knowledge, it’s about EMBODYING the method in your real life.

I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn, but I can tell you that some women start seeing changes in their love life immediately.

Some of my students met their King just a few months after enrolling in the Salon.

You’ll start seeing changes in your love life during the 90-day salon. And you can expect to keep seeing the benefits roll in for the rest of your life.

Can’t I Just Figure This out on My Own?

Of course, you can! You’re super smart and capable.

But realize that there are only so many times you can repeat what you already know, doing what you’ve already done, and expect a different outcome!

The real question is: How much more time are you willing to waste?

Consider this program your Fast Track Pass.

Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity to literally change your love life.

How much intimacy, joy, love, and partnership have you missed out on so far? 

Kara Greevy

Kara Greevy

Since taking the Salon, I’ve been gifted with many lovely compliments that I was beautiful, sexy, and just had a “way” about me. Sometimes flirty and nice admiration from men, in a sweet and supportive way.
I have never felt more attractive!
Sarah Hale

Sarah Hale

Senior Sales Manager

After only a few months, I was able to effortlessly meet a real hero … someone who initiated contact with me, whom I absolutely love being around every day, and who actually enjoys looking after me.
A man with a fantastic mind and heart, whom I’m honored to know. And this happened without grasping or forcing!
Maria Chatzihristodoulou

Maria Chatzihristodoulou


Before the Salon, I thought I knew about men and relationships and I thought I respected men, but I didn’t.
I now value men and them, me.
I recommended this highly! It is a great journey, a great experience, and most of all an investment in your relationship.