Yes, I said EGGY and not EDGY!


Why does this even matter?





No breaks

Working harder

Juggling too many balls


No life!


Do any of these outdated tunes rattle in the harmony of your day-to-day flow?

Do you recognize any of these in yourself?


Well, I’ve got some news for you.

These realities present themselves when we’re in man-mode.

And when we are in man-mode we are being… SPERMY!

Oolala, just typing those words makes me tighten and tense up!

My muscles can still remember my marriage with man-mode.

The strenuous, overwhelming, fatigue and eye bag-inducing life constantly left me feeling disconnected. It felt like my mind, body and spirit were all being tugged and pulled in different directions, as opposed to a fluid, linear alignment.

There was no softness

There was no yin to the abundant amounts of yang.

The forcing, pushing and overworking was slicing through the yearnings of my soul.

The gerbil wheel of staying in man-mode and being spermy had my feminine energy cut like sharp corners.

Talk about edgy!

But you’re probably wondering

How did I even get here?

How can I soften my edges and become more eggy?

Well, darling, this week’s video is about How To Be More Eggy – or The Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams.

I created this video to show you how to become more soft and eggy!

I want you to escape the energetic confinements and help you to swing and sway in a graceful, feminine way!

The funny thing is, by being more eggy you will actually have an edge on those trapped in man-mode.

So, in a way it is actually edgy being more eggy!

Enjoy the video, and I’d love for you to leave a comment below the video on YouTube.  I’ll be checking and answering them for you, so ask away!