Let’s discuss “How To Be More Feminine whilst using your guilty pleasures!”

I wanted to challenge you a bit…

I’ll teach you to take the word guilty out of the equation, and how to see them as pleasure pathways for stepping into more of your feminine essence!


Think about it.

Lots of feminine things, or things that get us into our feminine polarity and hence our feminine power, at first, appear as guilty pleasures!

Whether it’s eating that “naughty” slice of fully-deliciousness cake or listening and dancing around to our favorite radio pop songs, we all have desires for forms of pleasure that, because we have tacked the word guilty onto, we tend to avoid more often then we should.


I’m embarrassed to admit this.

For years and years…in fact most of my working life I viewed things like taking breaks, self-care, time with friends, prioritizing out breath and free time, as “wasting time”.

If I did indulge in those things I’d be feeling “guilty”and that time was being lost.

My spermy, masculine energy was swimming to dive back into that “to-do” list as soon as possible. ..and by the way, my friends could sense it.  They didn’t feel my full presence and energy.

There was a lack of space, and a lack of innocent, joy-beaming from my life because I didn’t see the value in treating myself to these activities.


Here’s what happened.

By my early 40’s I was 3 degrees of burnt out.

Royally….burnt out if I may add.

And it took me years to recover from the hot temperatures, the overcooking, the burning.

The recovery alone resulted in a great amount of wasted time, energy and resources.


The secret is

By filling up on more pleasurable activities, you are stepping into your Queendom, wearing your crown and embodying your true feminine power.

Check out my full video below as I built a case for your “guilty pleasures” to get you back into your feminine power!

—> [VIDEO] How To Be More Feminine Using Guilty Pleasures