• Radiate Feminine Energy
  • Babelicious Boundaries
  • Standing In Your Value
  • BONUS: Dating With Dignity

In this lesson you'll learn that there is nothing more valuable to a masculine man than feminine energy.

They will walk over hot coals to get it, keep it and take care of it.

In this lesson you'll learn that in romantic relationships we often think of boundaries as a bad thing or simply unnecessary.

However, by being clear on your boundaries inside yourself AND in the relationship dynamics you also create polarity!

In this lesson you'll learn that being, shining your essence is the most valuable thing that you bring to a man

In order to do that you need to love that in yourself, take care of it, be with it.
This is why we meditate.

In this BONUS lesson you'll learn how dating is the first contact we'll make with our King.

You want to date with this ultimate relationship in mind.
You want to turn up creating foundations for an actual relationship.