• How To Soften, Let Go And Receive Men
  • How To Call In Your King
  • How To Use Love Languages In Relationships
  • BONUS: Create An Altar To The Beloved

The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman

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In this lesson you'll learn a that it's time to "turn the tide" towards you...to receive, to learn to trust the masculine again and let them in!

In this lesson you'll learn that there are kings of there... Plenty of them.

You just can't see them when the lens you're looking through is the lens of the false feminine,  when you've got wounds that haven't healed or you've only interacted with the false masculine.

In this lesson you'll learn that this salon is ultimately about love.

This learning about Gary Chapman's love languages and how to be in conscious relationships will make that more real and possible.

In this BONUS lesson you'll learn how and why you'd want to set up an "Altar To The Beloved" and how to do a 30 day ritual that will call in your King!