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Art Of Polarity

Immediately available!

In this module you will learn what feminine and masculine really means including the difference between what I call TRUE feminine and FALSE feminine

Art Of Power

Immediately available!

Our power is derived from the inside out.  Here you will learn two main things:

  1. Meditation
  2. The ancient art of Jade Egg practices

Art Of Desire

Immediately available!

Here you will learn all about the 3 parts that you need to know about Desire:
1. The Desire Spectrum
2. Desire Digging
3. Desire Setting

Art Of Receptivity

Immediately available!

In this module You'll learn how to communicate what you want simply and clearly AND you'll learn HOW to gracefully and powerfully receive them.

Art Of Pleasure

Immediately available!

Here you will learn how to own and step into your Queen by stepping into your pleasure zone. You will learn how to Love your beautiful body, face, breasts and pussy.