Goal setting for me is about the magic of feeling both powerful in taking action and letting go and surrendering to the process, time and the Divine plan for me.

It doesn’t seem possible for those concepts to inhabit the same space.  This is why I LOVE goal setting.

It’s the magical marriage of the masculine and the feminine!

When I get in my car to drive to a restaurant I first work out which restaurant I want to go to;   I look it up, research it, feel into it, know that my belly and my body really wants that food and that experience;  I then pop it into my GPS, jump in my car and know where I’m heading.

Sometimes en-route to the restaurant, my GPS needs to deviate it’s initial pathway because of road works or traffic;  sometimes…sometimes, I am inspired to change the restaurant en-route!

If I got in my car with no destination in mind, then I’d be driving around aimlessly, using up fuel, wasting time, energy and it would feel pretty pointless.   I could end up at an interesting destination by doing this, but without at least knowing what type of food or experience I am wanting, my needs are unlikely to get met.

Goal setting in a nutshell.

Knowing what your desires, wants and needs are is the first stage of goal setting.

This is done by diving deep deep inside yourself to feel into what you really want in your day, your year, your business, your relationships, your life.

I like to do this thing that I call “back-casting”.

Think of what forecasting is, but I do it in reverse.   I envision my 10 years goals first.  Feel into how I want to feel in my life, then the imagery comes, the details, the people, places, yumminess and success of my life and business emerges.

After this has been done fully and with all of the juicy focus I can muster, I do 5 year goals…in the same focused, engaged, visceral way.

From this, one year goals emerge clearly and they are en-route to the 10 year goals. But these ones are really important because they are the ones that are closest and on the road in front of you to take action on or wait for guidance from your GPS – or what I call the God Positioning System!

I then turn it all over to the GPS to plan the way, the route and any deviations that it has for me, my tribe and my life.

Goal setting gives me both power and surrender.  The masculine and the feminine.