the Maid


To Find Out A Few More Things To Know About The Maid Archetype - (Scroll Down)

  • How Your Maid Shows Up
  • How You Hide
  • What You See
  • What You Miss
  • Who You Attract
  • Who You Repel
  • Your Secret Catch Phrase; And
  • What She Needs Most To Evolve To The Next Level

The Maid is one of the False Feminine Archetypes…and let me help you discover how to get into your true feminine by continuing to listen.

The False feminine is what we seek to emerge out of, toward the true feminine, to discover in ourselves as we evolve toward our powerfully feminine re-emergence.

The truth is, we all have a little of all of the four feminine archetypes in us; but what the quiz has shown you today is that your dominant archetype is that of the Maid.

The Maid is the most crushed/suppressed of the Archetypes. She is stuck in a very downtrodden perception of herself

So, How Does The Maid Show Up?

  • You believe that what you want is out of your reach.
  • You really want things to change but just don’t know how to do that.
  • You are stuck in other people’s take on what is right for you.
  • You hold onto hidden shame about something/s in your life.
  • You feel unworthy and not valuable.
  • You aren’t sexually confident nor feel desirable in your body.
  • You’re often exhausted and rarely have the energy or desire for sex.
  • The Maid looks to others for direction and decisions.
  • She believes that she is of less value than others.
  • She tends to be in support roles but doesn’t want to be.

What Are The Four Feminine Archetypes?


The Priestess





The Queen





The Princess





The Maid





What Does The Maid See?

  • She sees that the world is a harsh and antagonistic place.
  • She sees only struggle

What Does The Maid Hide?

  • Well, the Maid always hides her shame.
  • She hides in defeat.
  • She’s bored and lost.
  • She avoids conflict or confrontation

What Does The Maid Miss?

  • She misses out on the joy of life by being herself and sharing her gifts.
  • She misses the little joys that life has to offer.
  • She misses experiencing her own beauty.
  • She misses out on being loved and cared for

Who Does The Maid Attract?

  • Professionally, she attracts people who dominate her and tell her what to do

  • People who see her as a Maid!

  • People put her down and keep her in her place.

  • On a relationship level, she attracts men who are simply not really present. They use and abuse her.

  • …men who are dominant and don’t see her innate power and beauty.

Who Does The Maid Repel?

  • People who want to elevate her.

  • People who are in their true feminine or true masculine power.

  • Men who are strongly in their true masculine and who can actually hold her feminine, men who know how to be strongly masculine and adore the true feminine.

What Does She Need For Her Feminine Emergence?

  • The Maid really wants things to change, but just doesn’t know how.
  • She needs help to discover what her needs and desires are as important as anybody else’s.
  • She needs some mentoring to dig deep to gain better self-knowledge and find out what she really wants.
  • She needs to realize that her own story matters and that she has much to contribute to the world.
  • She is way more capable and desirable than she realizes.

Her Secret Catch Phrase:-

"I'm Not Worthy"

She sees herself as outside of the bounty of life


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Gerri Couper

Gerri Couper

Thank you so much Candice for providing the information and context for how to really come out of man-mode and stand in my true feminine.

I now have so much hope and calm about my relationship, which is so different from how I felt a year ago.

Sarah Hale

Sarah Hale

Working with Candice has changed my life. I say this with no exaggeration. She has offered guidance on a path I have longed to find for 25 years.

Before the Powerfully Feminine Intensive, I felt closed-off. I wore so much warrior’s armor that emotionally, I felt almost nothing. I felt disconnected from my body, like a floating head. 

Now, I now feel embodied, profoundly grounded, and remember what happiness, contentment, and joy feel like.

Katherine Cipriani

Katherine Cipriani

Despite my husband’s initial hesitation over the financial commitment, methinks Candice is still one of his favorite people ever.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Candice for every tool you’ve given me to reclaim the magic and joy in my life!

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