Argghhh, I’m outing myself.   The last two weeks have been soooo busy, with a lot of work with my beloved clients, three speaking gigs and assisting at my friends 3 day event last weekend.

What did I do?  

I defaulted to my masculine;  my doing, mission oriented habits.

Under stress I tend to do this.   I’m not proud of this.   This has been where I believe that I can be “strong” for others, and “get a lot done”,  “I’ll get back to you later”, and “I’ll play when this is over!”

Well actually where it left me was totally spent, exhausted, disconnected and a useless blob on the floor for a few days.  I was assisting at a 3 day event with 250 people in the room and I know that because I was in man-mode, I made zero new connections for my business.   I felt out of integrity.   I love serving,  but was serving my friends from my masculine.   And I was sooooo wanting to connect to people, I just “thought” that I needed to put myself aside and “do” my tasks.

This is not what I want for me, or for my women.

One thing that I do know is that because I’ve made such a strong commitment to the feminine, is that when I swing too hard to the masculine polarity, my body and soul rejects the old paradigm.

My body will rebel, my soul will ache.

The feminine is all about relationships, relating, lubricating the space, holding space, laughing, loving and playing.

To become a Queen, a true Queen, you are a serious player.   But let’s dissect this a bit…a serious player!  Not playing seriously.  This is our man-modes interpretation of that.

Play, joy, lightness, dance, movement, elevation, roaring, screaming, smelling, receiving.…this is your Queen in life, in action.  Loving her body, flowing with life, feeling and hence bringing joy and light to everyone that we touch.

So, I’ve decided to take “work” out of my vocabulary.   I’ve replaced it with “play”.

Now I have so much “play” to do today!

Play with me ladies.   We have a world to change.  Let’s play soft instead of work hard and bring so much love, hope and joy with our attitude that life will simply provide for us everything that we need.