Have you ever thought about what is stopping you from getting what you want?

Have you ever thought about what is stopping you from getting what you want…. with men?

I hear you sister, as I experienced this first hand, and I can tell you that this block comes down to two little words:



Now, I want you to know that it is not your fault that you are operating through a masculine lens.

We have been trained to think and act from this mode by society, and as you probably already know, it does not work out well when it comes to our relationships with men.

For many women, the constant energy outpouring of pushing and striving, leads to, (if I can be totally honest with you? ) repelling masculine men.


Here’s how it goes:

When we look at the masculine-feminine spectrum, we have to keep in mind that the two are residing on the two opposite ends of life.

Although they are on different ends, they have a magnetizing pull towards each other.


And for this reason

As a woman, you must flow and go through your life in your feminine orientation to attract a strong masculine presence.

After all, polarities do attract!

Men crave and desire fully feminine women to balance out their masculinity.

When you learn to master the glide and slide between your masculine and your feminine self,  accordingly, mighty masculine men will naturally want to bask in your feminine essence.

To dive into this week’s deep lesson on how being too masculine is stopping you from getting what you want with men, click the video link below:

How Being Too Masculine Is Stopping You From Getting What You Want With Men.