There’s an Easier Way to Find More Joy, Juice, Creativity and Power in Your Life, While Being Incredibly Smart, Savvy and Successful at the Same Time.



Become juicy, powerful and full of pleasure

Without any more pushing or striving!

For successful women who want to achieve their wildest, deepest desires in life without the costly effects of stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Right now, you’re successful, BUT …

You’ve been working ‘til you DROP to achieve your goals.

Your life looks amazing on the outside, but inside something is SCREAMING for your attention.

Your exhaustion levels are high, and you are STRUGGLING to keep your energy up.

This Is Your Personal Invitation Into The:

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive Is a 90 Day Program That Shows Successful Women How to Become Feminine Again and Discover Their True, Unique, Authentic Feminine Energy Buried Deep Inside.

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Ever find yourself thinking …“HOW am I going to keep this up long-term … ?”

“Will I ever do (or be) enough … ?”

“Is it even POSSIBLE to get out of survival mode and start getting what I want … ?”

Here’s the thing, sister …

The way you’ve been doing things isn’t actually working for you, and something needs to change!

Being successful in life as a woman takes some forethought, strategy and attention, but if you try to do everything lone-wolf, you are going to end up EXHAUSTED, DEPLETED and BURNED OUT.

I’m here to tell you that there’s an EASIER way to make your dreams come true and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted … that actually feels AMAZING!

"I Believe That Feminine Power Is The Greatest Untapped Resource On The Planet"

~ Candice Oneida

Right now women's bodies are in hormonal breakdown in epidemic proportions:

  • 75% of women surveyed have symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • 1 in 5 women is depressed
  • 10 million women have eating disorders
  • 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year in the USA
  • 50% of marriages end up in divorce
  • ...Only 3% Of Women Know How To Be In Their Feminine Side

You May Have Been Asking Yourself Things Like:

  • What would it take to repair this disconnect between ourselves and our raw, innate, unstoppable life force?
  • Do we have to continue to do life, work and relationships like this?
  • Even when we get what we want, why do we still feel so unsatisfied on a deep level?
  • How did we all end up so separated, so alone?
  • Isn't there another way?
  • ...A way that doesn't deny our essence, our authentic core, our feminine self?

"The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman"

~ Dalai Lama

Candice Oneida is the go-to expert and mentor for women who desire to become Powerfully Feminine.

We’ve seen the hundreds and hundreds of ladies walking out of the Powerfully Feminine Sisterhood and programs who’ve already made Candice's #powerfullyfem philosophy their reality.

You’re invited to join the international Powerfully Feminine Intensive to learn Candice's mindset, practices, arts and skills, so you too can shine your queen and strut into the rest of your life like the true feminine power that you are!

She's distilled 20+ years of research, experience and know-how into a comprehensive program that allows you to actually DO less, ACHIEVE more and FEEL amazing …

…and this system is all about tapping into your fierce, erotic, magnetic Feminine Power!

Your Feminine Power is your power source.

And here, we learn to dive deep, tapping into it to bring to life everything you’ve ever wanted.


I know that there are many coaches out there, both men and women, who can show you how to set goals and follow a linear path to success.

But, Guess What?

For a woman, living a woman’s life in a woman’s body …


It’s time to stop living your life in ‘Man-Mode’ and start creating the life of your dreams as a creative, juicy, powerful woman.

And the best part is, you ALREADY have that potential inside … we just need to learn how to tap into it!

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive is the program that teaches you the arts and skills you need to tap into your rich, substantive feminine power and start living from the most authentic version of YOU

… owning your power from the inside out!

With The Powerfully Feminine Intensive You'll Learn Step By Step How To:

  • Learn a brand new paradigm for getting what you want, with less effort or struggle
  • Reconnect with your joy, radiance, and passion
  • Uncover and better understand the cultural conditioning we’ve internalized as women, and how to shift it
  • Unpack your sensual awareness and find out why it’s critical for your spiritual, emotional and physical health
  • Tap into the MAGIC of your creative life-force and feminine sexuality
  • Get seated in the CORE of your feminine power, living your life from a place of ease, pleasure and joy.
  • Become a wildly successful, productive and empowered LEADER …from a feminine paradigm.
  • Get in touch with the profound, deep-seated, SUSTAINABLE engine of creation within you (and wean yourself from any need for external validation).
  • Dig deep and discover EXACTLY what you do and don’t want, building a life based on your deepest wants and desires.
  • Open up and RECEIVE all the things you’ve always wanted … which will start coming to you as if by magic!
  • Release old negative thought patterns of guilt, shame, or low self-worth and truly BLOSSOM into your unique, lovable, desirable, feminine Queen.

...But, There's MORE.

  • Experience increased libido within your erotic, magnetic, gorgeous feminine sexuality.
  • Experience greater wetness and sensitivity in the vagina (and even more and greater orgasms … even for those who haven’t experienced this before!)
  • Get in touch with your feminine intuition to develop a deep, lasting relationship with your authentic self.
  • Open your heart to yourself and others to experience better and better relationships in your life and work.
  • Get positive attention from men, and be truly seen and adored for your true, feminine self.
  • Attract more clients, opportunities, wealth and success … while experiencing greater and greater joy and pleasure!

Your Queen is in there … you just need to bring her out!

Let Me Ask You A Question...

When is the last time you felt absolutely overflowing with joy, sexiness, magnetism and power?

The arts and skills I teach in the Powerfully Feminine Intensive help you unearth, nurture and grow your absolute dream life WITHOUT working yourself to exhaustion!

If you are exhausted and at your wits-end trying to …

… Push harder
… Go faster
… Do more
… And yell louder, just to get your needs met...

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive is perfect for you!

Grow Your Success and Pleasure with Immediate Results

Here are a few examples of what my students have achieved …

Jennifer learned how to operate from a place of joy rather than frustration, gaining a deeper understanding of her own feminine power.

Sarah learned how to feel peace, embodiment, contentment and joy after a lifetime of living in high-achieving ‘survival mode.’

Amelia learned how to awaken deep parts of herself that had been buried and unconscious for a lifetime.

Corinne learned to trust her intuition and herself, graduating from acupuncture school and starting her own practice.

Here's What's Included In The Powerfully Feminine Intensive Program

  • Learn what Feminine and Masculine really mean
  • Learn the difference between True and False levels of femininity
  • Understand how masculine and feminine polarity actually work, on a profoundly practical level
  • Heal the wounds to the masculine and feminine in your life
  • Apply the dynamics of feminine power to your life, relationships and work
  • Learn how to access your feminine power through a variety of meditation techniques
  • Learn how to tap into feminine juiciness and creativity through the ancient art of Jade Egg practice
  • Learn to experience greater vaginal wetness, sensitivity, pleasure, and even become more orgasmic, even if you have not experienced this before
  • Learn to become deeply in touch with your own intuition
  • Release shame and guilt and experience a profound groundedness and abiding sense of self-worth
  • Gain the ability to pinpoint EXACTLY what you do and do not want in your life (I’ll show you how!)
  • Learn how to mine into your deepest wants and needs to unearth gems of wisdom and insight about your deepest pleasures and soul’s purpose
  • Learn how to experience and attain EVERYTHING you have ever wanted.
  • Release shame and guilt and experience a profound groundedness and abiding sense of self-worth
  • Learn to receive all the desires you have identified, feeling full, juicy and satisfied every day!
  • Learn how open up to the abundance that people (women AND men!) and the universe are BEGGING to provide for you
  • Learn how to communicate what you want SIMPLY and CLEARLY
  • Learn how to GRACEFULLY and POWERFULLY receive these gifts, again and again.
  • Learn to truly step into your feminine power by stepping into your pleasure zone
  • Learn how to love your beautiful body, face, breasts and pussy
  • Learn how to finally LET GO of emotional hang-ups around your own pleasure
  • Learn how to truly indulge in the pure, sensual goodness of your deepest desires
  • Learn how to bring pleasure into your life EVERY DAY to truly top up on feminine energy and power!


I Want to Give You Lots of Gifts And Goodies!
...But These Bonuses Expire Soon … So Act Now!

  • BONUS #1: 12 x Monthly Feminine Power Coaching Calls (Value $1200)
  • BONUS #2: 12 Months in Powerfully Feminine Sisterhood (Value $1200)
  • BONUS #3: Weekly LIVE Feminine Power Practices (Value $1200)
  • BONUS #4: 2 tickets to Powerfully Feminine Live (Value $1994)
  • BONUS #5: Queen Rising TM Ritual (60 min. video) (Value $197)

Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • Craving more—maybe your life is good, great even, but you yearn to feel truly alive, and to know that you’re living your maximum potential in a meaningful way.
  • Feeling stuck—in your marriage, in relationships, in a dead-end job, in your body, or in your ability to make your desires a reality. You’re losing faith that things will ever change.
  • Hating your body—feeling conflicted, upset, or downright at war with yourself, wishing you were smaller, bigger, thinner, more attractive, less attractive, different in some way.
  • Cut off from your sensual aliveness—no sex drive, no turn on, no energy.
  • Exhausted/Burnt Out—burning the candle at both ends, never ending TO DO list, pushing, striving.
  • Hiding—in self doubt, playing small or not showing up as the "real" YOU.
  • Stuck in a “Man-Mode”—feeling a deep internal conflict between embodying your feminine nature and navigating a world in which you’re expected to “Man Up” in order to succeed.
  • Putting Yourself Last—after your husband/partner, kids, career, and everyone else gets taken care of. You’re starting to wonder, “When is it my time? When do I get to do what’s best for me? And how do I focus on myself without everything crashing down?”
  • In survival mode—life feels like a constant struggle, just getting the bills paid and obligations met. You can’t seem to get ahead in your career or experience the financial freedom you need to thrive.
  • Yearning for purpose—you know you’re meant to play a bigger game and you want more than anything to make a positive impact on others, but you can’t figure out what you’re meant to do nor how to do it.

There IS Another Way...

You are a smart, savvy, sexy woman who knows her current success strategies just aren’t working … so what are you going to do?

In 90 days, you can have:

More power, pleasure, juice and joy in every aspect of your life

A more turned on, tuned in, aligned relationship with your body and inner, authentic self

Better interpersonal relationships with your partner, kids, workmates, family and friends

WAY more success in every arena, in ways that are both measurable AND immesurable

WAY less stress, pain and striving in your life

… so, now’s the time to make your choice!

So, my dear … it appears that you have TWO choices!

Choice #1: Keep going in man-mode, trying to figure things out on your own, pushing and striving your way to temporary success

Choice #2: Take 90 short days to learn the exact steps I and thousands of my students have taken to tap into an unlimited, sustainable source of feminine power and energy and watch your life explode with feminine radiance!

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive teaches you proven arts, skills and approaches that have allowed me and thousands of my women to start changing their lives IMMEDIATELY, transforming from the inside out and improving their quality of life and work RIGHT AWAY.


The Key Is Plugging In To Your Power Source.

Plugging into your power source means: owning and leveraging the brilliance of your feminine body and soul. It means operating in the world with a deep-seated understanding of your worth and value.

Plugging in means loving your body again.

Plugging in means owning and adoring your sexuality.

Rest assured, You will leave here plugged in, turned on and filled up.

To plug back into the impenetrable connection to your divinity, your truth, and your authentic power.

When plugged in you will feel loved, adored and seen in your body and in your life.

This work is all about creating a pathway out of victimhood to victory!

...and into your own inherent radiance.

A pathway that does not depend on anything or anyone, but rather places the power firmly in your own hands.

...And all firmly rooted in the power of sisterhood.  

Rooted deep down in the depths of your desire, to be fully you, to live a life of purpose and to create and support your sisters do the same.

 Candice Oneida, you are incredible. You don't even understand how much you've helped me. Out of everyone talking about femininity, YOU actually embody it and live it.

I am so impressed and moved by your work. I think you are one of the rare people to have reached their highest potential!

There is no more room for improvement, you ARE the living proof that the REAL femininity still lives in the 21st century! (and others but, especially you).

~ Rebecca Ware


Me - "...But, I haven't got any presents for your for Christmas" 
Hubby - "But, I keep coming in the door to a naked wife dancing in my house!"
Despite his initial hesitation over the financial commitment, methinks Candice is still one of his favorite people ever.   Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Candice for every tool you've given me to reclaim the magic and joy in my life.

~ Kathryn Cipriani


The Powerfully Feminine Intensive Is a Comprehensive Program, Where You’ll Learn How To:

  • Get a felt experience as to how to get plugged in, turned on and filled up
  • Discover a myriad of practical, actionable steps to connect to your power source
  • ATTRACT more joy and prosperity into your life, work and relationships
  • ACHIEVE greater, more sustainable success as a woman in a woman’s body
  • experience greater INTIMACY and emotional and sexual satisfaction in your intimate relationships
  • Love the body you have no matter what it looks like
  • Heal your relationships
  • operate in the world from a place of deep-seated CONFIDENCE and inner security
  • Restore your passion
  • Magnetically draw into your life EVERYTHING you have ever wanted!
  • Unearth the raw, wild enthusiasm that is in you

Working with Candice has changed my life. I say this with no exaggeration. She has offered guidance on a path I have longed to find for 25 years.

Before the Powerfully Feminine Arts & Skills, I felt closed-off. I wore so much warrior’s armor that emotionally, I felt almost nothing. Physically, I felt disconnected from my body, like a floating head. Now, I feel profoundly grounded in a way I have never experienced before.

I now feel embodied, and remember what happiness, contentment and joy feel like.

~ Sarah Hale

I started to do Candice's work a few weeks ago because I was watching the results of some of my friends....and I'm saying "I want that!" So, I'm now here at the retreat, and oh my god, the changes that are occurring for me, I never imagined!

There are parts of me that have been unconscious and buried so deep that are now awake! I encourage any woman who wants to awaken her true feminine to attend Powerfully Feminine LIVE. It is amazing the things that you will feel and the openings that you will have.

I really encourage you to do this and wish you the best!

~ Amelia Phillips PhD. cyber security

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I Know It's A Big Decision To
Put You First:

But...can I make a promise to you?

Whether it’s work, partners, kids, parents, or who knows what else—you have a full plate. This is all about YOU and the life you deeply desire to create.

As women, we’re trained to put everyone and everything else first—and from that lens, joining the Powerfully Feminine Intensive program will make no sense whatsoever.

But here’s the thing: There is immense power in taking time and space for you. 



Self Care

You will go find that by committing to yourself and joining the Powerfully Feminine Intensive program that you will feel different than when you started—and everyone in your life will benefit.

"Through Deep Embodiment, Pleasure & Desire, We Recover Our Innate Feminine Power"

~ Candice Oneida


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is This For?
90 Days For The Program - with 12 Months additional support.

Can I renew in 12 months?
We will send you an offer to become a legacy member in 12 months time.

How Long Do I Have To Consider This Offer? 
Until 11:59 pm PST on June 1st, 2018

Can I Pay In Installments? 
Yes!  Please choose to pay in 3 easy payments on this page.

Can I Take Advantage Of This Offer At A Later Date?
It's unlikely that this will be offered exactly like this again.  Any future offers will be at an increased investment value.

How Do I Enroll?
You can click on any of the two ways to enroll on this page.   You are also welcome to email us at with your chosen enrollment type and we'll take care of it at our end.

What Else Should I Consider? 

Your Powerfully Feminine Journey is truly a years long journey to access, open to and master your feminine power, radiance, eroticism, divinity and magic.

The other factor for you to consider is just being in this group keeps you more connected to your femininity.

I'd Like To Do Private Sessions With Candice, Is That Possible? 
Yes, for sure. Go ahead and enroll for the Powerfully Feminine Sisterhood now and then schedule a time for a FREE Powerfully Feminine Session to discuss this.

Candice is incredibly sharp, her work is excellent and her comprehensive program produced real results. Overall it gave me a new, broader framework to live from, allowing me to operate from a place of joy vs. frustration. I gained a much deeper understanding of my own feminine power – how to access it, where I had lost it and how to regain it and let it flourish.

Candice cut to the chase to give me what I needed the most to breakthrough my own resistance and limitations to my feminine power.

~ Jennifer Pennell - Wild Woman Coach

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