What If There’s an Easier Way to Be More Juicy, Joyful And Powerful in Your Life?

Welcome To The Powerfully Feminine Intensive!

  • Learn How To Be Feminine.
  • Discover How To Apply It Into Your Life, Love And Livelihood.
  • Become An Embodied Queen.

Powerfully Feminine Intensive

You've Made Everything Else Work In Your Life...

…but you’ve done it all from your masculine side and it’s not working for you anymore. You want to be feminine but don’t really know how.

Is this for you?


You're Burned Out

You are often or even always feeling burned out and traditional methods to correct this like diet and exercise aren’t working.

You're Overly Masculine

You find yourself in “man-mode” a lot and it’s become such a habit you don’t even know how to be feminine anymore.


You have Low Libido

This is a huge red flag that you’ve become unplugged from your feminine power source.  You need to get turned back on again!

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Craving more—maybe your life is good, great even, but you yearn to feel truly alive, and to know that you’re living your maximum potential in a meaningful way.
  • Feeling stuck—in your marriage, in relationships, in a dead-end job, in your body, or in your ability to make your desires a reality. You’re losing faith that things will ever change.
  • Hating your body—feeling conflicted, upset, or downright at war with yourself, wishing you were smaller, bigger, thinner, more attractive, less attractive, different in some way.
  • Cut off from your sensual aliveness—no sex drive, no turn on, no energy.
  • Exhausted/Burnt Out—burning the candle at both ends, never ending TO DO list, pushing, striving.
  • Hiding—in self doubt, playing small or not showing up as the “real” YOU.
  • Stuck in a “Man-Mode”—feeling a deep internal conflict between embodying your feminine nature and navigating a world in which you’re expected to “Man Up” in order to succeed.
  • Putting Yourself Last—after your husband/partner, kids, career, and everyone else gets taken care of. You’re starting to wonder, “When is it my time? When do I get to do what’s best for me? And how do I focus on myself without everything crashing down?”
  • In survival mode—life feels like a constant struggle, just getting the bills paid and obligations met. You can’t seem to get ahead in your career or experience the financial freedom you need to thrive.
  • Yearning for purpose—you know you’re meant to play a bigger game and you want more than anything to make a positive impact on others, but you can’t figure out what you’re meant to do nor how to do it.

My students experiences



CLAIRE I have started to make changes based on your suggestions. I feel better about myself already. My partner of 20 years plus has noticed too.  He has become more affectionate & attentive saying he doesn’t know why but can’t stay away from me. He even asked was I putting something in his food!! 



BRYONY I also have just signed up.  I am very grateful to you Candice for offering this incredible opportunity and for already making me notice and sit with my feelings rather than rushing into my head space and judging or pushing them aside. I can feel my Queen energy starting to get comfortable in her throne. THANK YOU



RONNIE Because of what you are showing me, I am learning to change myself and it is already making a huge difference. I am forever grateful to you for showing me these practices. I’m learning so much. My heart feels like it has doubled in size and I am in love with everything right now. I cannot thank you enough!!!!



KATH I’m 38 and have been infertile for the entirety of my marriage…I’ve been working with Candice for 3 months, and I started ovulating again! After YEARS of nothing!
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What My Students Say…

Erin Coffin

Erin Coffin

I got my mojo back,  that I (and my husband) have not seen in almost three years.   After working with the Queen’s rising video, I spent some time with my husband tonight and it was a shock to the system. I was so juicy it was insane! The first time in over five years that artificial lubrication was not needed. Wow!
Amelia Philips

Amelia Philips

I started to do Candice’s work because I was watching the results of some of my friends….and I’m saying “I want that!” Oh my god, the changes that are occurring for me, I never imagined! There are parts of me that have been unconscious and buried so deep that are now awake!

I encourage any woman who wants to awaken her true feminine to take the Powerfully Feminine Intensive. It’s amazing the things that you’ll feel and the openings that you’ll have. 

Rebecca Ware

Rebecca Ware

Candice Oneida, you are incredible. You don’t even understand how much you’ve helped me. Out of everyone talking about femininity, YOU actually embody it and live it.  I don’t know how you do it – honestly, I’m so impressed and moved by this work. You ARE the living proof that the REAL femininity still lives in the 21st century!  Thank you, thank you so much for your work here. Keep it up! 

What if there's another way?

You are a smart, savvy, successful woman who knows her current success strategies just aren’t working … so what are you going to do?

In 90 days, you can have:

More power, pleasure, juice, and joy in every aspect of your life

A more turned on, tuned in, aligned relationship with your body and inner, authentic self

Better interpersonal relationships with your partner, kids, workmates, family, and friends

WAY more success in every arena, in ways that are both measurable AND immeasurable

WAY less stress, pain and striving in your life

… so, now’s the time to make your choice!

So, my dear … it appears that you have TWO choices!

Choice #1: Keep going along in man-mode, trying to figure things out on your own, pushing and striving your way to temporary success.

Choice #2: Take 90 short days to learn the exact steps I and thousands of my students have taken to tap into an unlimited, sustainable source of feminine power and energy and watch your life explode with feminine radiance!

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive teaches you proven arts and skills that have allowed thousands of my women to start changing their lives IMMEDIATELY transforming them from the inside out and improving their quality of life and work.

What you’ll get from the salon…

Feminine Operating System

You’ll reboot from MAN-OS to FEM-OS…you’ll have a totally new operating system!  

Tap into the MAGIC

…of your creative life-force and feminine sexuality.

Open up and RECEIVE all the things you’ve always wanted … which will start coming to you as if by magic!

Sensual Awareness

Unpack your sensual awareness and find out why it’s critical for your spiritual, emotional and physical health

Get What You Want

Learn a brand new paradigm for getting what you want, with less effort or struggle.

Dig deep and discover EXACTLY what you do and don’t want, building a life based on your deepest wants and desires.

Seat In Your Feminine Power

Get seated in the core of your feminine power, living your life from a place of ease, pleasure, and joy.

Overcome Conditioning

Uncover and better understand the cultural conditioning we’ve internalized as women, and how to shift it.

Release old negative thought patterns of guilt, shame, or low self-worth and truly BLOSSOM into your unique, lovable, desirable, feminine Queen.

..But there’s more!

  • Experience increased libido within your erotic, magnetic, gorgeous feminine sexuality.
  • Experience greater wetness and sensitivity in the vagina (and even more and greater orgasms … even for those who haven’t experienced this before!)
  • Get in touch with your feminine intuition to develop a deep, lasting relationship with your authentic self.
  • Open your heart to yourself and others to experience better and better relationships in your life and work.
  • Get positive attention from men, and be truly seen and adored for your true, feminine self.
  • Attract more clients, opportunities, wealth, and success … while experiencing greater and greater joy and pleasure!
  • Become a wildly successful, productive, and empowered LEADER …from a feminine paradigm.

Why choose this program?

It works!

This program simply works.  You’ll have lifetime access to everything that you’ll need to know how to stand in your feminine power and sit back and watch life start responding to you in a way that you never imagined.

It only takes 90-days

Yep!  In 90 days you’ll have everything that you need to go out there and be the woman who you want to be and attract the life, love and livelihood that you desire.

Community Support

You’ll have Candice’s and a Facebook community support as well as monthly group coaching calls to keep you feeling confident in your newly emerging juicy feminine energy.

Through Deep Embodiment, Pleasure & Desire, We Recover Our Innate Feminine Power

Have some questions?

Will This Program Work For Me?

Our students include women of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, and professions, including:

Corporate Divas

You DO NOT have to stay stuck in “man-mode” any longer!

What Exactly Do I Get When I Enroll Today?

When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive membership portal where all your course materials are stored. (Value: $997)

You’ll receive LIFETIME access to the VIP course community, The Powerfully Feminine sisterhood, and you’ll be invited to attend 6 live monthly coaching calls with me. (Total Value: $1200).

You will also get a heap of bonuses, including the “Pussy Power Practices”, “Queen Quickies mini-series” and the “Queen Rising Ritual” (Value: $694) …and so much MORE.

What Happens If I Fall Behind?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can complete the material at your own pace.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes!  You’ll see on this page a few different ways to pay for this spread over time.

Will I Get Access to Candice?

YES. I’m inside the course community, PLUS I offer monthly LIVE group coaching calls to answer any specific questions you may have.

If you’d prefer doing private sessions with Candice please CLICK HERE.

How Much Time Will It Take for Me to See Results?

Each week, you’ll spend between 30 – 60 mins watching videos after which you can practice implementing the material in your life throughout the week.

As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you as it depends on your commitment to the course and bringing the principles to life. This work isn’t just about intellectual knowledge, it’s about EMBODYING the method in your real life.

I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn, but I can tell you that some women start seeing changes in their love life immediately.

You’ll start seeing changes in your love life during the 90-day salon. And you can expect to keep seeing the benefits roll in for the rest of your life.

Can’t I Just Figure This out on My Own?

Of course, you can! You’re super smart and capable.

But realize that there are only so many times you can repeat what you already know, doing what you’ve already done, and expect a different outcome!

The real question is: How much more time are you willing to waste?

Consider this program your Fast Track Pass.

Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity to literally change your love life.

How much intimacy, joy, love, and juicy life have you missed out on so far? 

How Can I Enroll?

You can click on “enroll here” on this page.   You are also welcome to email us at support@powerfullyfem.com with your chosen enrollment type and we’ll take care of it at our end.

Gerri Couper

Gerri Couper

Thank you so much Candice for providing the information and context for how to really come out of man-mode and stand in my true feminine.

I now have so much hope and calm about my relationship, which is so different from how I felt a year ago.

Sarah Hale

Sarah Hale

Working with Candice has changed my life. I say this with no exaggeration. She has offered guidance on a path I have longed to find for 25 years.

Before the Powerfully Feminine Intensive, I felt closed-off. I wore so much warrior’s armor that emotionally, I felt almost nothing. I felt disconnected from my body, like a floating head. 

Now, I now feel embodied, profoundly grounded, and remember what happiness, contentment, and joy feel like.

Katherine Cipriani

Katherine Cipriani

Despite my husband’s initial hesitation over the financial commitment, methinks Candice is still one of his favorite people ever.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Candice for every tool you’ve given me to reclaim the magic and joy in my life!

The Powerfully Feminine Intensive Is a Comprehensive Program Where You’ll Learn How To:

  • Have a felt experience as to how to get plugged in, turned on and filled up
  • Discover a myriad of practical, actionable steps to connect to your power source
  • Attract more joy and prosperity into your life, work and relationships
  • Achieve greater, more sustainable success as a woman in a woman’s body
  • Experience greater intimacy and emotional and sexual satisfaction in your intimate relationships
  • Love your body no matter what it looks like
  • Heal your relationships
  • Operate your life from a place of deep-seated confidence and inner security
  • Restore your passion
  • Magnetically draw into your life everything you’ve ever wanted!
  • Unearth the raw, wild enthusiasm that is in you

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