Want To Get Flexible And Feel Juicy?

Welcome To The Pussy Power Practices!

  • Learn how to gently become more flexible where it matters most.
  • Discover your own sensual, beautiful body again and fall in love with her.
  • You want to engage your sexuality in a loving and embracing way.

Pussy Power Practices

These are movement-based practices designed to fluidify and open up your hips, pelvis and pussy region.
They bring flexibility and flow physically, energetically and sexually.

Is this for you?


You're Tight In The Hips

You want to become more flexible in your hips and pelvis region and bring more flow and juiciness into your vagina.

You Have Low (Or No) Libido

You want to get turned-on again in a way that is gentle, enlivening, and embraces your feminine energy.

Embody Your Feminine Power

You’ve been learning all sorts of cool stuff about feminine energy and power and now want to embody it.

My students experiences


STELLA “When I started these I was very stiff, particularly in the neck with lots of headaches.  After the practices I feel my heart energy spinning and by the end of the practice my body is buzzing!”   
ISABEL “I’m doing this practice for the second time!  Love it!  Feeling super connected to my body and my pussy.  Feeling fluid, embodied and beautiful.”
FAZEELA “I LOVE these videos.  I watch them and practice them regularly.”
AGNIESZKA “Like a warm ball of energy in my pelvis.  I’m feeling very grounded.”
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What My Students Say…

Sherillina Turner

Sherillina Turner


Feeling this pool of rich, dense energy in my pussy. Dainty it is not. It’s much more powerful than that and it feels good to fill up from the inside. My hips just want to keep moving, it feels amazing!
Maya Lah

Maya Lah

When I started these practices I felt a lot of pain in my hips and sadness coming out of my belly and hips. After the practice I feel more present, more alive, softer and stronger at the same time with fresh energy flowing in my body.
LaNita Holland

LaNita Holland

HR Professional

I’ve been loving the pussy power practices. I’ve started to incorporate them into my morning routine and I’ve been feeling so much more connected to my body. It feels like such a sensual and loving gift I am giving to myself. Thank you for sharing this amazing ritual!

Isn't it time to wake up down there?

What you’ll get from the practices…

Feel More Open

By opening up our hips and thighs, we open up our whole body, and this leads us to feeling, well, more open emotionally, sexually and ready for life!

Gain Confidence

You’ll know how to fully embody your feminine energy with pleasure and confidence in a way that’s really fun and gentle.

Feel More Connected

By connecting to our body, our pussy, and our energy we feel more connected…to our body, to our heart, to our pussy, to our partner, and to our life.

Feel More Sensual

“Yes…yes…Meg Ryan moans in that restaurant! I want more of what she’s having”…well, this will be you. You’ll feel naturally more sensual and sexual after doing a pussy power practice.

Have More Energy

When we turn toward our feminine energy and engage and love our body and our pussy, we start to feel turned on again….sexually, yes, but turned-on in life and this brings with it a lot more energy.

Feel MUCH Juicier

By engaging and opening ourselves up in our hip and thigh region, we start to feel juicier in our own body…and our pussy will be nice and wet and feeling alive and vital again.

Why choose these practices?

They work!

Pussy Power Practices simply work.  You’ll have lifetime access to all 8 videos that will show you know how to do them (with me right there by your side).

Lifetime Access

Yep!  Once enrolled you have lifetime access to 8 Pussy Power Practices that you can do anywhere, anytime, at your own leisure.

Candice's Support

You’ll have Candice’s support as well to keep you feeling confident in your newly awakened energy, sensuality, sexuality, and vibrant feminine power.

Your Queen is in there …when you wake up...down there!

Have some questions?

Will Pussy Power Practices Work For Me?


Our students include women of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes!

Some have partners, some do not, some are burning out and some are experiencing issues with the sexual energy.

And these practices lift have proven to lift up all of them!


What Exactly Do I Get When I Enroll Today?

When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive membership portal where all your videos are stored. (Value: $400)

You’ll be able to access this 24/7 or even download the practices onto your computer or phone.

What Happens If I Fall Behind?

There’s no such thing as falling behind!  You’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can complete the material at your own pace.

Will I Get Access to Candice?

I’ll be there with you throughout the entire 8 videos showing you how to do the pussy power practices.  I also teach you some deep tips about feminine energy at throughout the videos.

How Much Time Will It Take for Me to See Results?

Each video is between 30 – 40 mins long after which you can enjoy the benefits throughout the week.

As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you as it depends on your commitment to the practices. This work isn’t about intellectual knowledge, it’s about EMBODYING the method in your life.

I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn, but I can tell you that some women start seeing changes in their body and energy immediately, after just one session!

You’ll start seeing changes in your love life in a very short time. And you can expect to keep seeing the benefits roll in for the rest of your life.

Can’t I Just Do Yoga and get the same results?

Yoga postures are awesome!

However, Pussy Power Practices are designed to work on not just your physical body but your energy as well, and they are super focused on the hips and pelvis region because this is where I kept seeing that women start freezing up and locking down.

I’ve been developing these practices with an international community of women for the last 3 years and have adjusted them according to their feedback.

I’ve incorporated a lifetime of dance training as well as 25 years of yoga into these practices.

They are highly targeted and effective.


Ulricke Kofler

Ulricke Kofler

Thank you so much! I always start to cry when I do pussy power practices because it relaxes my head, chest, and shoulders. So lovely!