The Princess

Feminine Desire Archetype

So, you're a Princess!

The Princess is one of the False Feminine Archetypes...and let me help you discover how to get into your true feminine by continuing to listen.

The False feminine is what we seek to emerge out of, toward the true feminine, to discover in ourselves as we evolve toward our powerfully feminine re-emergence.

The truth is, we all have a little of all of the four feminine archetypes in us; but what the quiz has shown you today is that your dominant archetype is that of the Princess.

The Princess is the most frustrated of the Archetypes.

She is has a lot of desire and desperately wants to break free of her perceived barriers.

... A Few More Things To Know About The Princess

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  • How Your Princess Shows Up
  • How You Hide
  • What You See
  • What You Miss
  • Who You Attract
  • Who You Repel
  • Your Secret Catch Phrase; And
  • What You Need Most To Evolve To The Next Level
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The Princess

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So, How Does The Princess Show Up?

You have a lot of desire, but often find yourself frustrated with not getting what you want in life.
You see others seem to get what you (or they) want and it leaves you feeling bitter and resentful.
You find yourself often fighting people or defending yourself.
You find yourself always experiencing one drama or another.
You often feel unseen or under valued.
You withhold your sexuality or expect it in a specific way.
The Princess looks to the world outside of her for clues to what she should wants, how to act, to think and to be.
Things seem unfair to her and balanced against her.
She look to others to feel her place in the world.
She believes that she has to fight to get what she wants and that there isn't enough to go around.
She is quite competitive and wants to be seen as the best.
Her mood is heavily affected by the mood of others around her and sometimes can't distinguish between them.

How Does The Princess Hide?

Well, the Princess always hides her vulnerability and has trouble trusting others with her heart.

She worries about what others think of her.

She hides her flaws and presents make believe strengths.

She's often moody or irritated, but puts on a happy face.

She's resentful when others ask for help.

She hides her jealousy.

What Does The Princess See?

She sees that the world is against her.

She sees a fight on the horizon.

She sees her world in terms of negative desires i.e. not getting what she wants.

She sees that what she wants is out of her reach.

She sees that others get things and she doesn't.

What Does The Princess Miss?

She misses out on the joy of life by being so worried about what others have.

She misses on what she has due to being envious of others.

She misses out when people sincerely try to help her but she doesn't receive them.

She doesn't know how to surrender or receive from life or others really.

She doesn't see what IS there for her as she's always dissatisfied.

Who Does The Princess Attract?

Professionally, she attracts people who create drama and problems.

People who compete or fight with her.

People who work against her and are divisive.

On a relationship level, she attracts men who are like who seem masculine on the surface, but who are not really there for her at all. who have are self centered and often see her as an ornament or
Men who like to fight with her.

Who Does The Princess Repel?

People who want to collaborate.

People who are in their true feminine or true masculine power.

People who don't respond well to demands rather than requests.

Men who are strongly in their true masculine and who can actually hold her vulnerability, men who know how to be strongly masculine and adore the true feminine.

What Does She Need For Her Feminine Emergence?

The Princess is a diamond in the rough. She is on the verge of breaking through and waking up to her true feminine power, but it would benefit her to seek mentoring to help her reveal her uniqueness... it will save her a lot of time and money in the long run!

To do this, she needs to learn how to get instruction from inside herself and her own body.

She needs to stop looking at the outside worlds illusory truth for answers.

She needs to foster gratitude.

She needs to decide to trust a few people as she learns how to rest on others and expand her circle of support.

She needs to realize that she can actually be herself and people will love her without needing to be like anybody else.

She needs to know that she is unique and can be fully loved.


Princesses Secret Catch Phrase:

"When Is It My Turn?"

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