The Queen

Feminine Desire Archetype

So, you're a Queen!

Congratulations. The Queen is one of the True Feminine Archetypes.

The True feminine is what we, as women, seek to work toward, to discover in ourselves and to emerge into more and more deeply through our powerfully feminine re-emergence.

The truth is, we all have a little of all of the four feminine archetypes in us; but what the quiz has shown you today is that your dominant archetype is that of the Queen.

The Queen is the most embodied and grounded of the Archetypes. She is sitting firmly on her throne and is a strong leader.

... A Few More Things To Know About The Queen

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  • How Your Queen Shows Up
  • How You Hide
  • What You See
  • What You Miss
  • Who You Attract
  • Who You Repel
  • Your Secret Catch Phrase; And
  • What You Need Most To Evolve To The Next Level
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The True Feminine:

The Priestess

The Queen

The False Feminine:

The Princess

The Maid

So, How Does The Queen Show Up?

You believe that the world is your oyster!
You are consciously aware of what you want and how you are going to get it.
You have cracked your inner glass ceiling.
You feel on top of things and have fantastic people around you to support your life and mission.
People respect you and look up to you.
Your are confident sexually and you love to share and explore it with others.

The Queen really shows up as a leader of others...a leader that leads them toward their own embodiment, their empowerment and how to show up authentically and purposefully.
She has a global vision and wants to make a big impact on the world.
She is a money magnet and has the ability to manifest whatever or whoever she wants.
She has a strong sense of her body, her sexuality and her feminine power and knows that this is fundamental to her success in life, work and relationships.

How Does The Queen Hide?

Well, the Queen sometimes can be a little too independent and act like a lone wolf at times.

She can hide her vulnerability and has trouble trusting that others can do things better than her.

She sometimes still goes into "man mode" to get things done.
She needs to be reminded of self care as she is so focused on serving her mission.

What Does The Queen See?

She sees peoples highest potential.

She sees that there is plenty of room for all to shine.

She sees reality for what it is and is solid in what is happening now in front of her.

She sees the big picture and doesn't stress the small stuff.

What Does The Queen Miss?

She misses out on the joy of the process at times if she gets too focused on the future or on goals.

She misses the power of the little things that occur moment by moment.

Who Does The Queen Attract?

Professionally, she attracts those who know that she is the one who will take them to the next level.

...people who want to be like her and seek her leadership to become their own authentic selves.

On a relationship level, she attracts who are solid and grounded and who adore her strength equally with her deep feminine core and vulnerablity. who have a strong masculine side and foundation.

Who Does The Queen Repel?

People who don't want to take responsibility for themselves, their life or their issues.

Because she demands ownership, these people won't like that she holds them to their own awakening.

She will repel men who are not strongly in their true masculine and who can't match her true feminine including men who can't hold her vulnerability.

What Does She Need For Her Feminine Emergence?

The Queen may still find herself overworking at times as she has a strong sense of mission and service.

She needs to know that as a leader she is there to encourage others to be their best, to raise them up to her level and to empower them.

She needs to learn to "let go of the reins" a bit and trust her staff, consultants and advisors more and more.... and when she does she will discover how awesome it is to co-create with fantastic people who love to team with her.

She needs to keep diving deeper and deeper into her body and sexuality. Like mining for gems, It will serve as a great rudder and will keep the joy and enthusiasm alive in her life, projects and relationships.

Aligning more and more with her intuition is her path of evolution. Remember, that the Priestess is needed by the Queen to bring her more spiritual know-how, intuition and a learning of surrender.


Queens Secret Catch Phrase:

"There Is Plenty For All"

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