My honest to goodness best ever focus and efficiency tip for success in your business is so super simple!

It’s this:

Schedule your day the night before!

Yep, it’s that simple.

Look at tomorrows calendar, see what of your time blocks and commitments are already in place for that day (if you don’t know what time blocks are I’ll do a post on that soon – but check this out in the meantime).

You then decide on exactly what tasks (TO-DO’s) you can realistically do for the day.

On the day

…You follow the plan that you outlined the night before.

Yep.  Simple.

This will save you so much totally avoidable stress!

What do you do if you have interruptions or plan changes?

Well, you simply schedule it for the next day or the next logical time block.

The art of Performance in a feminine based business is commanding time rather than it commanding you.

This is part of the “Performance” step of the 7 Step Feminine Success Formula.

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