I had one of those sleepus-interruptus experiences last night, whereby I am awoken with a full download of metaphor and analogy about my quickly emerging new obsession, tango!

I am seeing it in relationship to my life, what I want and what I see people want around me – both men and women.

So, we have this incredibly beautiful, subtle and nuanced partner dance, called “tango”. It is know to be the most difficult dance for even seasoned ballroom dancers.

A lifetime to master…the masters would say.

Ah, it’s got me there already…an impossible task…I’m on-board!

You have a lead (the man) who approaches the follower (the woman) ever so gently as if to see if she will invite him into her energy. It won’t really work if she doesn’t. It won’t really work if he doesn’t engage the approach ever so sensitively.

The foundations of any “relationship” are held right here in those first few seconds.

(to be continued…)

Tango move_05